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High Energy Marketing

Dec 30, 2022

What gets measured gets done! What gets measured gets managed. In this episode, Joe and Tami talk about the importance of marketing analytics, what metrics you should track, what those metrics tell you about your business, and how you can use them to make decisions for your business.


Nov 30, 2022

What’s email logic and why do you need it? In this episode, Tami and Joe discuss everything you need to know about creating the right email automations. They talk about what kinds of emails you should have, what kinds of waiting conventions you should install, how to end your automations, and how to strategize...

Oct 31, 2022

Should you use a webinar to promote your business? In this episode, Joe and Tami talk about what webinars are, how to decide if your business could benefit from having one, the pros of having one, how to leverage webinars to expand your influence, and more.

Oct 1, 2022

A lead magnet is a marketing asset that compels a lead to give you their contact information in exchange for value. In this episode, Tami and Joe talk about what lead magnets are, how to use them at every step of the funnel, why they’re important, how to generate ideas for lead magnets, and much more.

Sep 1, 2022

A landing page is a website that is one page that has a specific purpose. In this episode, Tami and Joe talk about what landing pages are, how they’re different from websites, how they’re used, when you should use them, and much more.